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What can you expect from us?

Here at FootyTipster.co.uk we have experienced tipsters that have knowledge not just in the European football leagues but leagues all over the world. We also have a fantastic Horse tipster (@HotToTrotTips) who supplies daily tips from all races scheduled on that day.

So why the fee?

All our experienced tipsters here at FootyTipster put numerous hours a day into researching their tips. They look at many deciding factors which include form, stats, individual performances and best valued odds  As you can see from our profit page, all the hours put into researching all pays off & you can expect consistent monthly profit.

What else can we offer?
As well as posting the tips on the website, we also aim to email the tips out before noon EVERYDAY so you can have it delivered to you & get the best odds at the same time. We also provide excellent customer service resulting in any queries/questions replied to within 24 hours. You also see many "Tipsters" not admitting when they have had a bad day but here at FootyTipster we know you can’t win them all & we won’t be hiding behind any lies.

How to sign up?

To get instant access to our tips, we advise you to sign up by visiting our "Membership packages" & signing up through PayPal. We can offer other methods of payment, however you would need to contact us via twitter @Footy_Tipster or email us at thefootytipster1@gmail.com - we will try to get back to you within 24 hours.